Make Wonderfull Love Memories

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Your engagement is the beginning of your love journey. Capture your engagement moment with our classic cars. Create an unforgettable classic moment before you tie up your sacred promise.



Your wedding preparations are almost finished. Why don't you perfect it with a romantic photo with our classic cars in Bali? Our driver will pick you up to take pictures in the most beautiful places you want. Make an unforgettable classic moment for your prewedding day!


Wedding Day

Your wedding day is your most precious day…. Make it as your best day and create everlasting moments with our classic cars. You are ready for your wedding ceremony, you walk out and our classic Mercedes Benz is waiting for you ready on your magical day in the best possible way… timeless classic everlasting beauty wedding moments as you will have it for your lifetime marriage.



Your honeymoon is a life time experience filled with lovely memories. Capture your amazing honeymoon memories with our classic cars in the most beautiful places of Bali. Are you ready to make your romantic photos with our classic Mercedes Benz cars under the golden light and tender glow of the Balinese sun? Let us create unforgettable moments together with our Classic Mercedes Benz.



Your wedding anniversary is an important milestone that deserves to be documented in a special way … make your wedding anniversary an eventful day. With our classic Mercedes Benz cars, you will create lovely new memories. Your story is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated in a memorable way. 

Istana Batu

Your personal photoshooting at an authentic Bali Style Villa

Besides our stunning Mercedes-Benz classic cars we also offer you a spacious Bali Style villa as scenery for your (pre) wedding or personal photo shooting. Various places inside and around the villa provide plenty of opportunities for unforgettable moments and pictures. We do not only provide you with your dream location, we will offer you a complete package.

You will be picked up at your accomodation and after you arrive at the villa, you will get dressed up while being served with complimentary drinks and exquisite balinese wine. After your shooting you will be brought back to your accomodation. 

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